Time Mondays 7-9pm
Location Celtic Ross Hotel
Country Ireland
Notes You should bring (if you can):
  • A laptop. Borrow one from someone if needs be.
  • A parent! (Very important). The parent must stay with the child/children for the entire session.
To start out, we'll be working on the following:
  • Basic HTML & CSS to set up your own webpage, using Notepad ++ for Windows or Text Wrangler for Mac.
  • Scratch, a programme designed for children to create their own games without knowing advanced coding, a great start to learning how coding a game works.
  • There is also a group of teens learning the Python programming language.

If possible, please download these two programmes to your laptops before the session.

Also check out for more information as well as downloads of the presentations from previous sessions.

The following websites are helpful to get some additional knowledge on these areas:

  • W3Schools, easy online tutorials for HTML and CSS
  • Codecademy an online, interactive, way to learn to code.

We are very grateful to The Celtic Ross Hotel for providing a great venue. Please show your thanks by purchasing drinks and other refreshments while you are here.

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